Armageddon: China in Bible prophecy (ISBN 978-0-646-97410-1)

I have organised into a book everything I have written here at and elsewhere:

Armageddon: China in Bible prophecy
ISBN 978-0-646-97410-1

The book presents the material in a clearer way, leaving out the digressions and unimportant bits.

You can buy the 502 page book at an Ingram linked bookstore, such as and, for RRP $40 USD or £30 GBP or €35 EUR or $45 AUD.

Depending on the bookstore, the actual retail price may differ from the recommended retail price.

Because the book is non-returnable, bookstores might not keep it on shelf. So, to get a copy, you might have to place an order through a bookstore, whether online or bricks-and-mortar, citing the 13 digit ISBN.

The book is printed on demand by Ingram Sparks. Ingram has printing facilities in the USA, in the UK, in France, and in Australia.

The book – a gray cloth hardback, 6 by 9 inches – comes with a removable dust jacket, in case a nondescript cover is preferred. Without the dust jacket, there is only the word “Armageddon” on the book’s spine.

Alternatively, you can buy a paperback of the book through the Expresso Book Machine system, and have it printed and bound in real time, or overnight, at your local bricks-and-mortar bookstore. I presume it would be a 6 by 9 paperback, at the same RRP.

I think, on Bible prophecy I have covered as much theory as there is to cover. So, henceforth I won’t be writing anymore articles here.

Instead, I will spend time producing short videos for youtube (Bible Prophecy News) and twitter (@thykingdom2020), to point out interesting or important news events, as they come to pass.

Quite soon, things should be full on, I imagine. As of now, July 2017, ISIS appears to be on the verge of receiving the deadly wound. So, even though the year 2020 is now obviously wrong, I think, the final 3.5 years must be near.

To keep up to date, you can follow one channel or the other. Both channels present the same content. The 2 minutes and 20 seconds maximum length per video is set by twitter. So, more often than not, there won’t be much time to cover the basics, or to explain theory in detail, or even to cite lengthy Bible passages.

For that, there is the Armageddon book, or alternatively some of the articles here at

Of course, you can, and should, also read the Bible directly.

I should add, the material here at might not remain online in time to come, because everything is hosted at wordpress’s servers in Texas USA.

Also, the ads here have nothing to do with me. They are wordpress’s, to pay for the free hosting.

To help me, and the cause, please buy the book.

Armageddon: China in Bible prophecy
by 练伟光

ISBN 978-0-646-97410-1
Published 2 July 2017
Publisher and Imprint 练伟光

Table of Contents:


1 Armageddon
1.1 Megiddo
1.2 Apocalypse
1.3 Battle between good and evil
1.4 Deceiving spirits of devils
1.5 Lion

2 Jesus Christ and the kingdom of God
2.1 Day of the LORD
2.2 Kingdom of God
2.3 God’s commandments
2.4 Born again, made immortal
2.5 Like the garden of Eden
2.6 World peace
2.7 Every knee shall bow
2.8 Gog of Magog
2.9 End of the earth
2.10 New heavenly Jerusalem
2.11 Meaning of life, per Ecclesiastes
2.12 Charity is a virtue

3 Prince of this world
3.1 Adversary
3.2 Polytheism
3.3 Christendom bedeviled
3.4 Demons, drugs, psychos
3.5 Magic and witchcraft
3.6 Secret societies

4 Light
4.1 Light of the world
4.2 Holy Bible
4.3 Bread of life
4.4 Three are one
4.5 Creator
4.6 Tetragrammaton
4.7 Prophecy

5 Great tribulation
5.1 War in heaven
5.2 Threshingfloor and harvest
5.3 Him that heweth the axe
5.4 God’s two witnesses
5.5 Chronology before the Second Coming

6 Wrath of God
6.1 Seven seals
6.2 First trumpet and vial
6.3 Second trumpet and vial
6.4 Third trumpet and vial
6.5 Fourth trumpet and vial
6.6 Fifth trumpet and vial
6.7 Sixth trumpet and vial
6.8 Seventh trumpet and vial

7 Wisdom of this world
7.1 Big bang
7.2 Life
7.3 Evolution
7.4 Dinosaurs
7.5 Age of the earth
7.6 Economics

8 LORD of hosts
8.1 Clovis, Charles Mattel, Charlemagne
8.2 Alfred the Great
8.3 León and the Holy Grail
8.4 First crusade
8.5 Richard the Lionheart
8.6 End of the Crusader States
8.7 Hundred Years War and Joan of Arc
8.8 Trafalgar
8.9 WWI, Beersheba and Megiddo
8.10 Six Day War

9 Fourth beast
9.1 Fourth of four beasts
9.2 Goat and ram
9.3 Nebuchadnezzar’s dream
9.4 Beast with seven heads and ten horns
9.5 Nahum on Nineveh and ISIS
9.6 The Assyrian

10 Israel
10.1 Holy nation
10.2 Promised land
10.3 Feasts of the LORD
10.4 Hosea on Hoshea’s Israel
10.5 Moses on Israel in the latter days
10.6 Simon bar Kokhba, a false Christ
10.7 Out of Bethlehem
10.8 Temple of God
10.9 King of the Negev
10.10 Judah’s sceptre and Shiloh

11 Mystery, Babylon the great
11.1 Solving the mystery
11.2 Thomas Paine and the Sons of Liberty
11.3 War Plan Red
11.4 Mark of the beast
11.5 False prophet
11.6 Judgement day

12 Kings of the east
12.1 China and Russia
12.2 Kingdom against kingdom
12.3 Ever victorious army
12.4 Art thou better than populous No
12.5 Remove far off from you the northern army
12.6 Heathen men of the east
12.7 Fiery weapons of war
12.8 Day of the east wind
12.9 Confucianism, Altar of Heaven, ShàngDì
12.10 Christianity in Chinese characters

Bible references