Meteorite “Canyon Diablo” proves the earth is NOT billions of years old

You may be under the impression that the planet earth is some 4.5 billion years old. You may have been told that this is the conventional wisdom of science. What you may not realise is that the science behind this claim is far from sound.

First off, I am no expert in the dating of material, but there is plenty of information around on how it is done and the concept is easy enough to follow.

Before I get into the mechanics of the dating of material, it is important to know why those who are with Satan must insist the world is billions of years old.

The Bible implies the earth is more or less 6 thousand years old. This figure can be deduced from the ages of Adam and his descendants up to and including Jacob, as presented in Genesis, and from the history of the kingdoms of ancient Israel, Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, Rome, etc.

But, in the nineteenth century, Charles Darwin proposed a theory of evolution, suggesting man was not created by God in his image as it is written in the Bible, but rather man, merely an animal, had evolved from apes through a process of natural selection. In order for Darwinian evolution to be plausible scientifically, the planet earth has to be considerably older than thousands of years, because natural selection, even in the sense of genetic evolution, the kind that Richard Dawkins proposes, is a slow process that plays out over generations. And so, lo, in the nineteenth century geologists started to suppose the earth was at least millions of years old.

It was not until the discovery and understanding of radioactivity in the twentieth century, particularly radioactive decay, that the dating of material became possible. Over time, a radioactive element decays, or breaks down, emitting gamma radiation in the process, ultimately turning into a non-radioactive element. The decay of an element happens at a distinct rate. This rate is known as the half life of the element. Some radioactive elements such as uranium have long half lives. Others such as the isotope carbon-14 have short half lives. It is this measurable, scientific fact that enables the dating of material. The thing to keep in mind is that the material being dated must be radioactive, because logically without radioactivity there is no decay.

In the 1940s, an American scientist came up with the idea of radiocarbon dating. In nature, carbon comprises 3 isotopes: carbon-12, carbon-13 and carbon-14. Carbon-14, otherwise known as radiocarbon, exists because of the interaction of solar radiation and nitrogen. Carbon-14 is the part that decays and thus can be measured. The half-life of carbon-14 is said to be 5730 years. For this reason, radiocarbon dating can only date something as far back as thousands of years, specifically 5730 years at most.

In 2012, archeologists found a deformed skeleton buried in a trench in Leicester England. The remains were determined to be Richard III’s because of mitochondrial DNA analysis. To confirm things, radiocarbon dating was carried out: the Scottish Universities Environmental Research Centre dated the bones around 1430-1460 AD with 95% confidence; separately, Oxford University dated the bones around 1412-1449 AD with 95% confidence. Richard III, however, died in 1485 AD. Here, as you can see, with a case involving only some 5 centuries, radiocarbon dating has not been able to yield the correct date.

With regard to the age of the earth, scientists who are aligned with Darwin argue radiocarbon dating is inappropriate because the half life of carbon-14 is too short. Ironically, the half life of carbon-14 is around 6 thousand years.

Instead of radiocarbon dating, these scientists look to uranium-lead dating, particularly the dating of the crystal zircon, which contains traces of uranium. The problem with dating zircon is that as the uranium transforms into lead, the lead atoms move within the crystal. So, if a piece of zircon is dug up and dated, it cannot be known for sure which piece of the original zircon is being dated – a piece with less lead than usual or more lead than usual. As a result, any uranium-lead dating of zircon is necessarily unsound.

To get around this problem, someone came up with the idea of dating meteorites, minerals that are extraterrestrial. The concept is that if one can find a meteorite of zircon, then all of the zircon must be in one place, and so uranium-lead dating can be carried out confidently. Never mind for the moment whether the meteorite broke apart in space or upon impact on earth. In any case, to their disappointment, no one has been able to find a meteorite of zircon.

Not to be undone, Clair Cameron Patterson, a geochemist in Chicago, the place that gave Barack Obama his start, developed a new method of dating called lead-lead dating. Now, as I explained earlier, only radioactive matter will decay, and so scientifically only radioactive matter can be measured. Lead is non radioactive. In fact, radioactive uranium decays into non-radioactive lead. Hence, the name “uranium-lead” dating. With lead-lead dating, there is no decay at all and so the whole thing is estimation. And I suppose if one could simply estimate a figure out of thin air, then a scientist inclined to Darwinianism would simply estimate a figure in the billions. But wait, it gets worse.

In 1953, Clair Cameron Patterson applied lead-lead dating to a meteorite of iron from a crater in Arizona USA known as “Canyon Diablo”. He concluded, or more correctly he estimated, that the planet earth is 4.5 billion years; and incredibly this has become the conventional wisdom of science.

I suppose if something is said over and over again, after a while, people will be brainwashed into accepting it, no matter the truth.

As you may know, the word “diablo” is Spanish for “devil”. So, it is probably intentional that Canyon Diablo is the basis of the idea that the planet is some 4.5 billion years old, rather than a few thousand years old. You see, it is not enough that those who are with the adversary have deceived the world. No, they must gloat about it too – to proudly show off what they have accomplished.

I should mention that the Hebrew calendar, a lunar calendar, which is said to date from “the creation of the world”, dates the current year 2016 AD as 5776. Thus, according to Hebrew tradition, the planet earth is precisely 5776 years old. Remarkably, the year 5776 is also significant to Luciferians. The calendar system known as Anno Lucis, which Freemasons and other occultists use, adds 4000 to the Gregorian year. Ergo, 5776 Anno Lucis equates to 1776 Anno Domini, the year of the founding of the USA and the year of the birth of the Bavarian Illuminati.

In conclusion, the next time someone tells you that the planet earth is not a few thousand years old as the Bible implies, because they have examined some rock, find out for yourself whether the science behind their claim is rock solid.