The Hebrew language, alphabet, gematria & meaning of words

Most Christians know of Psalms 119. All 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet are there in Psalms 119:

א, “ALEPH”, Psalms 119:1
בּ, “BETH”, Psalms 119:9
ג, “GIMEL”, Psalms 119:17
ד, “DALETH”, Psalms 119:25
ה, “HE”, Psalms 119:33
ו, “VAU”, Psalms 119:41
ז, “ZAIN”, Psalms 119:49
ח, “CHETH”, Psalms 119:57
ט, “TETH”, Psalms 119:65
י, “JOD”, Psalms 119:73
כּ, “CAPH”, Psalms 119:81
ל, “LAMED”, Psalms 119:89
מ, “MEM”, Psalms 119:97
נ, “NUN”, Psalms 119:105
ס, “SAMECH”, Psalms 119:113
ע, “AIN”, Psalms 119:121
פּ, “PE”, Psalms 119:129
צ, “TZADDI”, Psalms 119:137
ק, “KOPH”, Psalms 119:145
ר, “RESH”, Psalms 119:153
שׁ, “SCHIN”, Psalms 119:161
ת, “TAU”, Psalms 119:169

Torah scholar and native Hebrew speaker Mordechai Kraft provides deeper insights into the divine nature of the Hebrew language, its alphabet, gematria, and the meaning of particular letters and words. Fascinating lecture (1 hour, 17 minutes).